Toned. Smooth. Clear

Single Session

  • Full Body - 45

  • Face - 20

  • Upper Body - 30+

  • Lower Body - 30+

  • Pre-Tan pH Balancing Skin treatment 


  • 3 Tans - 130 (Save 5)

  • 5 Tans - 215 (Save 10)

  • 7 Tans - 300 (Save 15)

  • Full Body Spray Tan (Includes All Single Tanning Session Benefits)

  • Group packages are available for a girls night out, tanning party or any other special event. Packages are custom designed.

Before Spray Tanning 


Exfoliate your whole body 4-8 hours prior to your spray tanning. It is important not to use bar or creamy soaps - specially Dove - prior to being tanned because the residue can act as a barrier to the tanning solution. 

​                             Don't apply any moisturizers, deodorants or perfumes prior to your appointment.


We recommend that any shaving, waxing, manicure & pedicure be done 24 hours preceding your appointment.


After Spray Tanning


Wear dark, loose fitting clothing after your spray tan and allow 6 - 8 hours before showering 

(does not apply to fast developing solutions).

Avoid any exfoliating of your skin and remember to moisturize after every shower.

Don't forget to apply sunscreen when outdoors as your spray tan does not protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun.


Your tan should last 7 - 10 days depending on your skin type, level of activity and weather.