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     First of all, price should not be the most important thing on your mind. That your technician is artistic, educated, certified, experienced, and operating in a clean licensed facility should be the most important things to someone looking for a Permanent makeup artist.  So, what decides the price?  All those things above, and the market in your area. It may cost $600 to $1000 for eyeliner in New York (or Beverly Hills), but $400/ $800 in Mississippi (in a licensed facility) depending on talent & experience.


There will always be a difference in quality and price in any artistic procedure. This is not a medical procedure.  You are not buying a dress or a hamburger.  All permanent makeup technicians are not artists, and are not created equal.  If your technician pulls out stencils to do your eyebrows...just get up and walk out.




EYEBROWS: Eyebrows can be the look of eyebrow pencil, hairstrokes, or both.  Most people choose hairstrokes for a natural look. Brows should be individualized, measured and colored to suit YOUR face, YOUR hair color and YOUR skin tones.

  • Brows Omber or Brows Micro Shading  550 - 800

  • Hair Stroke/Micro-Blading is between 650 - 850

  • Browse Combination Hair Stroke and Shading is between 700 - 950

EYELINER:  Eyeliner can be a fine line (like liquid eyeliner) or smudge (like you would use an eyeliner pencil to line your eyes and then use the sponge end of the pencil to soften the edges).  Soft eyeliner is worn by most actresses, models and women with money and education at his time. It is about beauty instead of style. You can always kick it up a notch on Friday night. Note - Please have someone drive you to your appointment.  Your eyes may be blurry from the numbing product.

  • Eyeliner top and bottom is between 600 - 900.

  • Eyeliner top or bottom is between 500 - 700

LIPS:  Lip liner and color are used to enhance your lips.  Note - When you apply lip liner and then gloss, you blend the liner and soften it. But a tattoo liner can look "harsh" and may not blend/soften when gloss is applied. Think about that before getting lip liner without a lip coloring.

  • Full lips (2 sessions) is between 750 - 1000.

  • Lipliner/Shading (2 sessions) is between 650 - 850.

  • Lips usually require 3rd session startup at 350+

TOUCH UP:  All permanent makeup procedures require a six week touch up.  Some color (up to 50%) is lost in the healing process.  I implant a color that you and I agree upon; but your body may alter that color and we can tweak that color at 6 weeks (5 weeks if your body heals quickly or 8 weeks if your body heals slowly)  IF you come WITHIN the 5 to 8 week period, your Touch Up work will be FREE!  IF you come AFTER 8 weeks, you will be charged a 300 and up. After 6 months it is a color boost.


COLOR BOOST: If you want that perfect soft makeup look that matches your hair and skin tones; you may want to get a color boost every year or two.  Color boost of my work (within 2 years) is 25% off of my current rates.  After 2 years it is 15% off.  If you have had previous work done somewhere else, a Color Boost of someone else's work will be charged at my full rates.  


EXTRA CHARGES:  If there is excessive bleeding (because of medications or health condition) or difficult implantation (because of skin condition) that requires a third visit; there will be a 250 setup fee (my expense for the procedure and minimal expense for my time).  If there is a third visit required because the client rejected my color recommendation and she now sees that she was wrong there will be a 250 set up fee to correct the color. There is a 50 needle fee if I must change out the needle mid-treatment because of difficult, scared, thick or sun damaged skin.

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Tattoo appointment:

     I am open by appointment only (made in advance).  Please leave me a message so I can call you back.  All prices are subject to change at anytime.  Prices include topical anesthetics and touch ups (if touch ups are done within 5 to 8 weeks).  All procedures require more than 1 visit.  

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